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Pepper The King of Spice The King of Spice - Pepper is called the king of spices or King of Spice because it is the most used spice in cooking in the world and is the world's sales item and I'm sure in every kitchen there must be a store of pepper.
Pepper The King of Spice The King of Spice
Pepper tree or sahang is a vine, its trunk is small, its length can reach 15 meters. 

However, in pepper plantations, the average farmer will shave pepper stems up to around 2.5 - 3 meters. 

Pepper or sahang has a stem with a stem or a knot, the distance between the segments is about 4 - 7 cm, from each stems sticky roots appear between 10-25 pieces. 

Its function is to attach the stem to the pole or ground. 

Pepper or sahang is a plant that breeds with seeds. However, a lot of farmers prefer to plant pepper or sahang from cuttings. 

After the pepper plant grows and has not a few tendrils, the farmer will tie the tendrils to a climbing pole using a rope. 

The climbing pole is made of belian wood with elevation between 2.5 - 3 meters. Pepper or sahang can be harvested after being aged for 3 years, the fruit of the form of a single arrangement of pepper can contain dozens of grains of pepper or a well-arranged nut. 

Pepper or sahang ready to harvest, the stalk turns slightly yellow. While some have yellow or red which means they are ripe.

If anyone is looking for pepper in large quantities can chat below, Pepper or Sahang is their own garden located in Borneo, Indonesia.

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